About Us

So what in the heck is all this?

This photoblog is a fairly heavily tweaked "Frankenstein" project. I spent some time looking at the default templates that came with Pixelpost, and then at some other ones, including "simple", "salted", "freenik", and "minimal", all which can be found on Pixelpost.org. While I didn't copy and paste anything, I basically had one or more of the above noted templates open as I put this thing together. And I'm not about to claim otherwise. Photoblogs are just so ubiquitous right now that I saw no point in completely re-inventing the wheel. The point of this blog isn't to wow anyone with my web design skills (or lack thereof). It's merely to share what I like doing (photography) with others. So on that note, enjoy.


Below is a list of links that are somewhat relevant to this whole endeavour:
  • Pixelpost.org - This is the application that runs this photoblog.
Additional Links: Other photoblogs that I frequent: